Well there really is no better way of spending one of those lazy days as in bed and that is definitely the case for this hot and horny lesbian couple. Elisa and Nessa having not long gotten themselves out of bed and clothed in tight fitting dresses have decided that it really wasn't worth the effort in getting dressed at all and head off back to the bedroom from which they have only just vacated. They perch upon the bed and playfully start kissing, not really proper kissing though but more tongue sucking and teasing licks. After a few minutes, clearly playtime is now over and the couple begin to get a lot more serious. Their eyes close as the playful teasing turns into a passionate embrace with their tongues swirling deep inside each others mouths and their hands begin to wander. It really doesn't take long for the action to heat up and before long they delve into each others clothes, staring with those beautiful pert breasts, taking it in turns in licking, sucking, cupping and gently squeezing in the act of breast worship. Hot and horny and clearly well on their way to sharing a powerful real orgasm, the couple waist no time now in getting straight down to action. They practically rip off each others clothes and offer their beautiful naked bodies up to each other. Their tongues and fingers delve into each other pussies over and over again, deeply probing into the hot wetness that lies within until they can literally take no more.


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